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We invite you on a journey through the lives of those who celebrate the Halekulani lifestyle through their cultural and artistic pursuits. It is our hope that you will be inspired by these stories, and that they encourage you to discover the wonders of the arts, of song and dance, of the finest in cuisine, and of the beauty of Hawaiʻi’s culture.

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The Living Guide to Botanical Gardens

Quiet the mind in this guide to forest bathing at botanical gardens on O‘ahu.

Picturing the Past

A collector offers a glimpse into his extensive assortment of vintage postcards and travel ephemera.

The Living Guide to Nā Ala Hele

Journey along the Mānoa Cliff Trail in this primer on Nā Ala Hele, Hawai‘i’s official trail and access program.

Sanctuary by the Sea

The executive director of Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture, and Design roams the opulent former estate in style.

Hibiscus Hybirds

An all-women team of horticulturists create one-of-a-kind flower hybrids at the Hibiscus Lady Nursery in Mokulē‘ia.

Beauty and the Batik

Step inside the open-air studio of artist Yvonne Cheng, renowned for her powerful depictions of Polynesian women.

Behind the Scenes

Get an inside look at the production and creative process behind filmmaker Bradley Tangonan’s short film River of Small Gods.

Home Based

Silver and neutrals stoke a sense of calm at the homey and refined Charlot House.

In His Element

With his artwork, Kamran Samimi explores time, form, and metaphysical truths.

Communal Form

Since it was founded in the 1960s, the Hawai‘i Potters’ Guild has become a rock in Honolulu’s arts community.

Out at Sea

Spearfishing in Hawai‘i today runs the gamut from simple set ups to state-of-the-art gear.

Valley Heritage

In preserving Hawaiian culture, The Mānoa Heritage Center is a love letter to a verdant place.

Analog Times

Through the collodion wet-plate process, Kailua-based photographer Kenyatta Kelechi revives an obscure form of portraiture.

Satoru’s Shapes

Having made more than 5,000 works of art, Satoru Abe has been playing with organic forms he would expand on…

‘Ono Okinawa

Explore the delicious eateries that bring Okinawan fare to O‘ahu.

Winter Shine

Shot on location at Halekulani, elegance flows through jewel-toned and cream-colored attire for the season.

Foraged Flora

Atop Tantalus, a Honolulu couple bring people closer to nature by sharing flowers grown in their backyard.

Hawai‘i Heralds

Among thousands of artifacts, the Hawai‘i StateArchives preserves a royal collection of historicHawaiian flags.

In Prose & Palms

The poet W.S. Merwin’s palm forest is a reflection of his lyrical canon and humanistic worldview.

Island Harmony

Experience the soothing Japanese-inspired design of the historic Earle Ernst home.

Legacy of the Sword

A Honolulu kendo club keeps the Japanese art of the sword alive and helps students strengthen body, mind, and spirit.

A Musical Pioneer

Kilin Reece, a luthier on O‘ahu, protects the integrity of Hawai‘i’s beloved stringed instruments.

Lady of the Lounge

Maggie Herron, the jazz-belting pianist at Lewers Lounge, sets the mood each week with bluesy standards.

Site for the Senses

In east Honolulu is Shangri La, a breathtaking space of architectural and cultural wonders.

The Living Guide to Temples

In search of wholeness and good fortune, a writer visits three distinct Asian temples on O‘ahu.

Art of the Stitch

Hawaiian quilts embody treasured memories and remind us of the value of craftsmanship.

Coffee & Pancakes

Sip and taste your way through the wonderful brunch offerings of Honolulu.

A Sense of Renewal

An ikebana sensei and an acclaimed sculptor debut a floral centerpiece in the lobby of Halekulani.

Creation of Kapa

Kapamakers continue to pass down, untangle, demystify, and reclaim this nearly forgotten practice.

Piano Man

Jazz pianist Tommy James hangs out at his favorite haven, Lewers Lounge.

House on a Hill

Perched above Honolulu, the Liljestrand House is regarded as the pinnacle of architect Vladimir Ossipoff’s work.

Plume of Time

From its grand and resplendent capes to brilliant helmets, the Hawaiian art of featherwork endures.

Mood Indigo

The artisans of Hawaiian Blue infuse island-style indigo into hand-dyed creations.

Merry Mochi Making

Whether created at home or purchased from a shop, mochi binds families together in the islands.

Blooming Brushstrokes

Artist Hadley Nunes’s paintings whimsically evoke the tropical flowers they are inspired by.

Coastal Flavors

The history and gathering practices of pa‘akai, Hawaiian sea salts, dates by centuries.

Heart of Hula

The graceful hula soloists who perform at House Without a Key share their deeply-felt knowledge of the dance.

A Beloved Sound

The harmonious sound of an ‘ukulele is the result of dedicated craftsmanship.

Together in Tandem

In its spectacular lifts and acrobatics, the sport of tandem surfing is poetry in motion.


Harry Tsuchidana, one of Hawaiʻi’s most celebrated living artists, unveils a new exhibition at Halekulani.

The Funk Surgeon

Trumpeter Eddie Henderson dives into jazz’s history on the night of his Live at Halekulani’s Lewers Lounge performance.

Shape Shifter

Surfer and board shaper Toots makes his mark on the Waikīkī lineup.

Tree of Life

Halekulani’s emblematic kiawe tree has borne witness to 130 years of storied history.

The Way of Tea

A woman’s journey into the life-changing world of Japanese chado.

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HIFF @ Home

Screen the very “Best of HIFF” short films from around the world, including Hawai‘i’s groundbreaking filmmakers.


Tokoro Surfboards have continued to adapt with the changing times while staying true to their roots.

Feat. Keilana

Keilana is a singer-songwriter from Honolulu known for her live-looping solo performances.

It’s In The Moves

Get in the mindset of a diverse cast of characters to find out what pushes them forward.

Reefs at Risk

Learn more about the harmful effects some sunscreen chemicals have on coral and the ecosystem.

Feat. Izik

Izik Moreno is one of Hawai‘i’s most exciting emerging pop and R&B artists.

Art Aquatic

Mark Cunningham gives new life to found objects.


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