Scenic view of Kualoa Ranch
: Kualoa Ranch
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Agricultural Bounty

Embark on a farm-to-table tour at Kualoa Ranch, which produces an abundance of culinary adventures across its 4,000 pristine acres.

Established in 1850, set up as a sugar plantation in 1863, and later converted into a cattle ranch, Kualoa Ranch offers a bounty of culinary adventures on its 4,000 acres of pristine preservation lands. Here, embark on a farm-to-table tour, which takes patrons to a thriving 800-year-old Hawaiian fishpond encircled by dense, green vegetation, and flanked by the steep Ko‘olau mountain range. For hundreds of years, Moli‘i Fishpond fed a large swath of the island population, and it continues to contribute to local diets today with its harvest of shrimp and Pacific oysters. “You won’t find anything but lean protein in our oysters,” McCarty says. “After we harvest them from the fishpond, we put them in a tank with pure fresh water for two days. … This makes the taste of the oyster—which really should be like a fresh bite of the sea—that much better.” In addition to sampling these oysters, guests on the two-and-a-half hour tour pass tropical fruit gardens, and voyage through Ka‘a‘awa Valley, where more than 500 heads of cattle roam verdant pastures. Along the way, the ranch’s finest produce, seafood, and beef are offered up for sampling.

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Scenic view of Kualoa Ranch
Kualoa Ranch offers farm-to-table tours that take patrons past tropical fruit gardens and through Ka‘a‘awa Valley, where more than 500 heads of cattle roam verdant pastures.
Glove covered hand holding an oyster
An 800-year-old fishpond at Kualoa Ranch produces a bounty of seafood, including farm-raised shrimp and Pacific oysters.
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