Hula dancer against black background

Volume 10.2

Summer / Fall 2018
Of Place and Palette

Nearly 80 years ago, artist Georgia O’Keeffe produced paintings inspired by the Hawaiian Islands, displaying her masterful ability to capture…

Rhapsody In Bloom

Creation happens organically at the sun-kissed studio of botanical artist Hadley Nunes.

Satire and Serenity

Masami Teraoka’s fantastically subversive artwork finds a surprising solace on the east side of O’ahu.

Magic Beside The Sea

Each evening, hula soloists grace a waterfont stage to recount melodic tales and transmit Hawaiian culture to watchful eyes through…

The Pareu, Uncovered

Unraveling the Pacific garment’s surprising past beyond the beaches of Hawai’i and Tahiti, all the way to Europe.

Striking a Balance

At Mākaha Beach, a photographer captures the agility and eloquence of tandem surfing, an innovation of the sport that began…

The Form of Florals

Ikebana, the art of living flowers, inspires and adorns the serene spaces of Halekulani, while soothing the minds of those…

Salt of the Earth

From the first Polynesian settlers to today’s gourmet saltmakers, pa‘akai has been an essential ingredient in Hawai‘i.


A fashionable sojourn into the mountains that ensconce the neighborhood of Pālolo.

Sweet Heat

On a summer day, relief come sin the form of brightly colored, sugary sweet-decadence that melts in your mouth.


Hildgund has served the people of Hawai‘i, including her majesty, Queen Lili‘uokalani and her royal court, for 145 years as…


Halekulani Hotel

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