Volume 9.1

Spring / Summer 2017
Telling Tales

Jacqueline Rush Lee layers new meaning using old books.

Between Two Seas

In an ever-evolving digital media landscape, independent book publisher Deuxmers remains relevant by staying small.

A Tale of Two Dons

How late musician Don Ho and contemporary musical group Don Tiki have created and perpetuated the sounds of the islands.

Soul Searching

Since 2010, Roger Bong has been sharing the soulful side of Hawai‘i’s musical landscape with his label, Aloha Got Soul,…

A Storied Culinary History

At Halekulani’s exquisite culinary destinations, discover links to history, literature, and art.

For The Love Of It

Music stores, here and gone, are sacred shared spaces for exploring, listening to, and loving music in its physical forms.

Quiet Spaces

Pick up a good read, and escape from the bustle of the city at these serene places.

Sounds Of Hawai‘i

Sounds of Hawai‘i: Three contemporary Hawai‘i musicians worth a listen.

Chanel Ala Moana Center

Designed by renowned New York-based architect Peter Marino, Chanel’s two boutiques at Ala Moana Center evoke a vibrant sense of…


Halekulani Hotel

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