City Guides
The Morning Catch

For many cooped up at home during the pandemic, fishing is an excuse to get out of the house and…

Loving Lyrics

Enrich your understanding of famed places around O‘ahu through Queen Lili‘uokalani’s original songs.

Sanctuary by the Sea

Soft linens and muted layers conjure travels through North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia, where philanthropist Doris Duke…

Behind the Scenes

Six filmmakers, whose recent projects paint gripping portraits of spiritual transcendence and ‘ina, share inspirational settings for their work around…

Brutes On The Beach

Despite a history of detractors and a villainous role in pop culture, Brutalism has become one of Hawai‘i’s most defining…

Pretty Wild

Eerie, avant-garde expressions of nature, the alien arrangements from Renko Floral are marvelous to behold.


Glints of silver and elegant neutrals stoke a sense of ease and comfort at the already homey and refined Charlot…

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen opens its first store in Hawaii at Ala Moana, Honolulu, following the new design concept for the house,…

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen opens its first store in Hawaii at Ala Moana, Honolulu, following the new design concept for the house,…

The Giving Trees

A certified forest therapy guide explains forest bathing, the art and practice of slowing down.

Winter Shine

Shot on location at Halekulani, elegance flows through jewel-toned and cream-colored attire for the season.

Harry Winston

Founded in New York City in 1932, Harry Winston continues to set the standard for the ultimate in fine jewelry.…

Merwin’s Revolution

A close friend and relative of the late poet William Stanley Merwin, writer Robert Becker reflects on the lyricism of…

In the Path of Pōhuehue

Also known as a beach morning glory, this indigenous plant is an embodiment of a graceful resilience.

Island Harmony

Designed in 1949 by George “Pete” Wimberly, one of Hawai‘i’s signature architects, the Earle Ernst residence creates a sense of…


Hildgund has served the people of Hawai‘i, including her majesty, Queen Lili‘uokalani and her royal court, for 145 years as…

Travel in Tune

Through sweet harmonies and picturesque lyrics, Kapena’s music is a guide to the islands one song and a time.

Aloha for All

It’s that time of year to gift dad an aloha shirt, but not one size fits all. Luckily, in the…

Coffee & Pancakes

Sip and taste your way through the wonderful brunch offerings of Honolulu.


Hildgund has served the people of Hawai‘i, including her majesty, Queen Lili‘uokalani and her royal court, for 145 years as…

Man About Town

Grant Fukuda, an accomplished skateboarder, DJ, and the owner of Golden Hawaii Barbershop in Kaimukī, shares his perfect day in…

For the ʻOhana

Family man Duane DeSoto, a waterman who aims to raise appreciation for and awareness of the ocean, shares his sun…

A Day at Liljestrand

Perched above Honolulu, the Liljestrand House is considered the pinnacle of Vladimir Ossipoff’s work. Among the modernist architect’s masterful design,…


Hildgund has served the people of Hawai‘i, including her majesty, Queen Lili‘uokalani and her royal court, for 145 years as…

Sweet Heat

On a summer day, relief come sin the form of brightly colored, sugary sweet-decadence that melts in your mouth.


A fashionable sojourn into the mountains that ensconce the neighborhood of Pālolo.


Cartier, one of the world’s most esteemed luxury houses, has enjoyed its new corner location in Ala Moana Center since…

Calling All Creatives

Creative Lab Hawai‘i gives aspiring writers and producers tools for success in the media industry.

Seeking Serenity

Mind these tips for the best ways to unwind in some of O‘ahu’s most lovely retreats.

Artful Honolulu

From mauka to makai, the south shore is a non-stop sensory experience and a masterpiece in its own right, according…

Independence day

How a Hollywood star spends a free afternoon exploring the city of Honolulu.

La Vida Low-rise

Just a short drive from Halekulani lies the neighborhood of Kaimuki, where local business bustles amid charming, low-slung structures.

Emerging Kaka‘ako

Explore Kaka‘ako, the destination for art festivals, night markets, and food-truck gatherings.

Cinematic O‘ahu

With its sweeping mountain ranges, evocative beaches, and cast of colorful characters, Hawai‘i is difficult to visit without imagining it…

Spalding House

Spend a day strolling leisurely through the grounds of the Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House, perched above Honolulu, where…

Riding High

Halekulani surfers share their stoke and love for Hawai‘i’s waters.


On the southeast corner of O‘ahu is Waimānalo, affectionately known as “God’s country,” because of its natural beauty.

Keen on the Curl

Steven Kean’s surf-inspired woodblock prints convey the energy of the ocean.

Salvaging Stories

Salvage Public tells a different story of surfing and Hawai‘i through its designs.

North Shore Beaches

About 27 miles out from downtown Honolulu is the North Shore of O‘ahu, where people travel from all over the…

Chanel Ala Moana Center

Designed by renowned New York-based architect Peter Marino, Chanel’s two boutiques at Ala Moana Center evoke a vibrant sense of…

Sounds Of Hawai‘i

Sounds of Hawai‘i: Three contemporary Hawai‘i musicians worth a listen.

Quiet Spaces

Pick up a good read, and escape from the bustle of the city at these serene places.

Kelly Sueda

This art consultant’s creative pursuits bring world-class works to the islands.

North Shore

Though North Shore is known for its world-class surfing, the charming towns of Waialua and Hale‘iwa make for nostalgic retreats…


At SpaHalekulani, experience the JK7 Luxurious Natural Skin Care, created by skincare pioneer Jurgen Klein.

Hiking in Hawai‘i

Take a trip around O‘ahu and blaze trails that ascend mountains and curve along oceans.

T Galleria by DFS, Hawaii

At this Waikīkī landmark, enjoy he world’s most in-demand luxury items—all with no tax added.

International Market Place

International Market Place celebrates the history and culture of Waikīkī and its people.

Agricultural Bounty

Embark on a farm-to-table tour at Kualoa Ranch, which produces an abundance of culinary adventures across its 4,000 pristine acres.

Hawaii Pops

Hawaii Pops presents energetic performances to music lovers who want to get up and move.


This neighborhood filled with historic homes offers respite from the urban city.

Hawaii Yachts

A seaworthy sail aboard Hawai‘i Yachts and Global Ocean Club.

Explore Historic Hawaii

Discover the buildings that shaped Hawai‘i’s storied past.

Shangri La

This stunning example of modernist architecture houses Doris Duke’s celebrated collection of Islamic art.

An Afternoon on Monsarrat Avenue

Take a leisurely stroll down this street in the shadow of of Diamond Head.

The Sweet Side of Kaimukī

From gelato to jin dui, delicious desserts and their makers are bringing a sugar buzz to this modest Honolulu neighborhood.


Kailua-Where to eat and shop in this east side neighborhood.

Art Walk In Chinatown

Explore the creative side of Honolulu’s historic arts district, Chinatown.


Specializing in design-driven items, Mōno brings new life to King Street.

An Afternoon In Waikīkī

Shown at Halekulani’s La Mer, the finest of restaurants in all of Hawai‘i. Enjoy tropical ingredients in dishes inspired by…

GalleryHNL’s Group Show

One of O‘ahu’s newest and most exciting art spaces.